Dec 9, 2012

Agricultural Jihad

Ever since the 1979 Islamic revolution Iran has embarked on Jihad at all fronts. It has named a ministry as Agricultural Jihad Ministry. I don't know how many such Jihad ministries are there. Why not they call every ministry as one form of Jihad, like Ministry of Educational Jihad, Ministry of Rural Development Jihad, Ministry of Water Jihad, etc. Certainly it would not be good to call Ministry of External Affairs Jihad.

Coming to think of it, it is a novel way to emphasize the spirit of jihad. Other Muslim countries should follow suit in renaming their ministries, so that those who wish to partake in jihad activities outside their own countries might not wish to go out since they are already in jihad at home. But then what do they call the office of the supreme leader? Is it Office of the Supreme Jihad?

Even American Agricultural Secretary is concerned about the irrelevancy of the rural agri-folks. He says they have grown increasingly irrelevant. It is high time America also start Agricultural Jihad. They should learn from Iran on starting one that will rejuvenate the country side and will certainly give employment to many millions who are unemployed and still looking for foods in the urban trash.

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