Dec 9, 2012

SAARC in Shock

In its 7th December issue Dawn carried an article on SAARC wondering what it has achieved to-date. Since its creation regional progress has been cautiously slow. This is party due to the longstanding mistrust between members. But then to form a grouping and not doing anything fruitful is misleading. In any successful group the main player must be charitable to win the less unfortunate over. This generous gesture should not be tied to any condition. The relative success of Asean was mainly due to Indonesia's magnanimity to let other smaller and lesser members to take lead in shaping the destiny of the region, while it served to absorb the shock of any outside threats, be it the tsuanmi or war, Indonesia maintained a big brotherly attitude and accommodated the fast-space progress of countries like Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and the rest of the member countries. Such attitude must come from India. What is happening in SAARC is the exact opposite. India dictates and throws its weights around in a non-friendly manner that threatens other members. Not to mention its soap opera Bollywood and the remaining many woods that culturally hoodwink the region with their slow poisons it doesn't allow the survival of the regional countries. India should play a more conciliatory role with its neighbors. It should not behave like a blood-thirsty shark in the SAARC lurking in the dark to send some shock to its neighbors.

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