Dec 29, 2012

Gallop Singapore

My beloved country has been rated below the war-ravaged Afghanistan and Iraq by Gallup polls. How reliable are these polls? Does this in any way measure the true side of things in my country? I agree that there is a shortage of emotion, that does not mean that there is no emotion. I even heard people saying that Singapore is a plastic society. Are our emotions deceptions? People have no time to be emotional. All of us are nurtured to feel beholden to the Great Chinese leader. When he cries we are to cry, when he smiles we are to smile. Certainly it is not like North Korea where emotions are regulated and choreographed. 

Society cannot be regulated in the image of a leader. Any attempt at that direction will be temporary and it will last till the leader last. Neither his successors can ensure that the society will remain in the same sordid state of affair even after he is vanished in to the dustbin of history. Great empires have collapsed and have gone through total revamp without any trace of its past and some even ashamed of its past. If emotion is controlled people will have motion problem. 

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