Dec 29, 2012

Yale in Jail

In its drive to be globally present the prestigious Yale University is venturing out into the Far East, rather to the South East Asia, by opening a Liberal Arts College in my beloved country's premier institution, NUS. It is a welcome move so that people like me do not have to go to Yale again to pursue my postdoctorate research. The sentiments expressed by both the supporters and opposers are genuine. There is a problem, though, on who influence who and on what those influences would be. Given the obsession of my country in regulating everything and even making "Confucius to stand on his head" confused (i.e.: the quote the late Rajaratnam), I am worried Yale might find itself in jail. Even its course on moral reasoning might be tempered with my country's moralizing immorality agenda. Yale must also bring in the Skull and Bones. I used to pass by this eerie building that stood adjacent to my Department of Religious Studies. I am sure the move is aimed at nurturing the future leaders of the region as this Ivy member has done. Anyway my hope is that this marriage will not put Yale in Jail nor the Jail in Yale.

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