Dec 23, 2012

Incredible India

Indian History is full of instances of rape and pillage. It has been a land of fatal attraction that invited the waves of invasion by foreigners. Some looted its wealth while some others booted its honor. Ever since Indian independence the ruling Rajs failed to improve the status of women and the society. This has its roots in the attitude of the religion of the predominant inhabitants of that so-called bastion of secularism and largest democracy and the status it accords to its women. When women are treated worst than chattels that they need to buy their husbands with heavy dowry, what can the poor Indians can do except to resort to female infanticides to save the remnants of their dignity. So this is no surprise to read about the savage gang-rape by six animals of an Indian girl traveling is a bus and throwing her out together with her friend speaks volumes on the mental disease afflicting the Indian society. Who to be blamed? There is no point in Mrs. Jaya Bachchan crying foul in the Indian parliament calling it a shame when her entire family are in the business of Bollywood which portrays women as sex objects revealing in skimpy clothes what they are supposed to cover. She should start her reform movement from her Bollywood fraternity. There is no point paying lip-service to this by talking passionately against it. They should take more pictures that portray the virtues of women and their sacrifices so that the young thugs who grow up to be the rapists will begin to respect women. Expecting the corrupt police to enforce laws meant to protect women will not be effective, because most of the rapists are the police themselves. That is why we are seeing the water-cannoning and tear-gasing of the mass protests in Indian capital. India should work on its image before it exports its people out as experts to the world.

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