Dec 17, 2012

Neurobotics or Neurotics

It is heartening to read about human progress in the field of science. The usage of robots in enhancing human performance has reached another milestone in the recent invention of mind-controlled robotic arm. The feat neurology has achieved over the years is remarkable. I only wish if this robots can communicate with one in a comatose state. Perhaps it might be the next generation robots that may perform this task.

I was thinking of the term to describe this discovery. Is it neurobotics or neurotics? The first sounds better than the latter. At least in the first, one can decipher the meaning of neuron and robot, whereas the latter sounds more like mind-controlled robots for erotic purposes, even though it is a medical term to describe a disorder of the sense and motion. This may have farfetched ethical issues to deliberate. What is your take on this?

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