Dec 16, 2012

Chasing the Babis

Iran's age old problem is surfacing again and again. The Bahai's or the Babis are clamoring for international attention and support to get justice for their mistreatment under the Iranian mullahs. History of this shaikhi-offshoot movement of shi'i Islam is a creation of the joint Anglo-Soviet creation to find suitable and reliable agents to act as their proxy in Iran. They thrived well under the Shah of Iran and in fact most of them were employed in the infamous and ignomous imperial mercenaries called the Savaks. These Bahai's are provided with greater recognition by the usurpers of Palestine and of course India. This group has penetrated the South East Asian countries and are engaged in anti-Islamic activities. Many Chinese and Indians have been recruited as members with some uninitiated Muslims who are working in a network to bring discredit to Islam and Muslims. The claim of Prophethood by the founder of this movement is sufficient to prove their anti-Islamic agenda like their cousin Qadiyanis. There are some Muslims who have reconciled to the idea of accepting these groups as sects within Islam like many other intellectual movements which Islam tolerated. Both these groups are highly active in Africa and Latin America. In my country a betrayal was done to incorporate Bahai's as a religion within the religious fraternity of Inter Religious Organisation, despite vehement opposition by Muslims. Unfortunately the handiwork of some powerful lawmakers who doubled as deal makers behind the scene conspired and changed the symbolism of that spiritual fraternity by embedding these rogue elements to serve certain narrow political interests. They are making slow inroads into Muslim society and families.

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