Dec 16, 2012


It is heart wrenching to hear and read the grotesque details of the inhuman act by a mentally deranged but intelligent young man who went berserk on a rampage in killing innocent angels all between 6 and 7 attending their schools in Newtown, Connecticut. I visited that township when I was in New Haven in 2000.  My prayers are with those who lost their lives in this madness. It is high time America do away with this Wild Wild West mentality of carrying and brandishing guns. At least now the Hollywood is taking a serious look into the damage it has caused by producing and promoting violence. Social responsibility must be the core values promoted by such film industry which is making billions at the expense of human dignity. Each time it brings out a film where violence and perversions are the entertaining part it must be made to pay the fine proportionate to the perceived damage such film may cause to the public. Is this a fair proposal?

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