Jan 29, 2013

Be Fair to Iran

Getting Iran to comply to the unfair UN demands speaks volumes about the double or even triple standards of hypocrisy that shapes UN policy. Having nuclear knowledge is an inalienable to right of every nation. When criminal and illegitimate lands can hide their nuclear arsenals directly under the watchful eyes of the world powers by successfully hoarding slightly more than 200 nuclear warheads, what rights these so-called fair-minded moralists have against Iran in developing nuclear technology, or even nuclear bomb. 

All these political posturings and deceptive economic sanctions will yield nothing other than international hatred towards those who pursue such inhuman sanctions aimed at punishing the people of Iran. I am certain nothing will change the course of action in Iran. It is high time the West learns to accept Iran as a respectful member of the world community and according to it its rightful status among the civilized nation that brought sense and purpose to world peace. The world power should stop heightening tension by spreading blatant lies about Iran to please and to protect the shaky shaikhdoms. UN should behave with total neutrality without yielding to pressures from powerful financiers. UN is losing respect that even my country threw away the report submitted by UN on human rights abuse.

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