Jan 29, 2013

How Big is Biblical Flood?

Robert Ballard a reknown underwater archeologists has embarked on a biblical search to study and to document the evidence of the occurrence of the Biblical Flood during Prophet Nuh (on whom and on our blessed Prophet Muhammad are the regard and salutation of Allah). It is indeed a great effort undertaken by an eminent scholar. 

The sea holds great secrets of the past. It is sad Muslims are not investigating the truth, despite God encouraging them to conduct such studies. Nearly all Islamic universities do not offer programs in oceanography. It doesn't matter if they subject these scientific findings to the acid test of revelational truths or vice-versa, even though both may mean different. I did not say that we must subject revelation to scientific test. The yardstick must be revelation and not science, since God is the Absolute Truth and His statement is Truthful. As such any scientific verification should not be carried out to find fault with the revelational truth. It can only confirm the occurrence of such an event like the deluge  In doing so the inconsistencies between the various Divine revelations will come out clear and will prove the accuracy of the revelation. For instance in the description of Prophet Nuh's Ark the description of the three Great Divine revelations differ. 

However, in conducting such investigation, the scientific community must not fall victim to the influence of any particular religious persuasion and tweek the truth in favor of one over the other. Strict objectivity must be observed. Is there anyone to come up with such an institution to undertake such a serious and sincere effort? There must be someone out there waiting to push ahead. Come on don't be a follower be the leader!

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