Jan 29, 2013

West and its Monkey Phobia

The news of Iranian monkey orbiting the space has sent waves of nervous excitement among the paranoid Western powers. All along they were poking fun at the mullahs running the state. Now they have the monkeys to target. Whatever it is, Iran has arrived at the space. Following the footprints of the Chinese Iranians will send a man, may even be a veiled women to do the space walk, just to provoke the West. Given the nationalistic spirit of the Iranian people I am sure they will move ahead with the space research no matter what the West may continue to frustrate their resolve to be totally independent from foreign control. They may even prepare a monkey brigade mounted with miniatured nuclear warhead and may send them to the occupied territories in the Palestine. The West should closely monitor all the birds and ants crawling from Iran, because they may be potential terrorists.

READ: Iranian Monkey

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