Jan 28, 2013

Burning the Roots

It saddens me to read about the desecration and destruction of Islamic monuments and manuscripts by the self-righteous so-called purifiers of Islam in Mali. The path of destruction unleashed by these ignorant bandits must be condemned with equal rage by people who value knowledge and their history. Many Muslims are just standing haplessly as bystanders witnessing the arsonic rampage and pillage committed by the so-called salafists. This new wave of rage has roots in moral deprivation that is well greased by petrodollars pouring into control, if not to hijack, genuine Islamic resurgence from taking roots in the southern fringes of the north Africans states which have hitherto been neglected as functionally retarded communities living back in the 7th century A.D.  

The game these people play is dangerously stupid. They are undoing the history of the place and its rich heritage. Islam did not come to destroy knowledge nor any place of learning. What these ignorant brothers are doing is the exact opposite of what Islam stands and preaches. It seems that their actions lend support to the false accusation leveled against Muslims for burning the Alexandrian library. This is indeed a disgrace and it is high time to take punitive action against those perpetrators and to salvage these heritage from further destruction.

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