Jan 28, 2013

Is Islam the Problem?

The Christian Monitor of  4th January 2013 carried an article on Egypt and Islam where it records the opinions of Egyptians of different religious persuasions and observations that Islam is not the problem but the Muslim interpretations of it is the problem. Is this the problem or no problem?

I can't agree more on the premise that Islam is not the problem, but the problem of Muslim being the problem is the problem. What do you say? Even after struggling to rid Egypt off its last Pharaoh, Muslims are divided as to how the country should function. Many of them are opposed to the implementation of Islamic rule. While the Islamic rulers are increasingly becoming autocratic and high-handed in their dealings. Is there a middle ground? Can this middle ground brings about fairness and order? I doubt. Too much of democracy when people are crazy for power will not bring stability. The rulers must exercise both fairness and firmness without any disproportionate favoritism any one segment of the society. It looks like the revolution has turned out to be a full revulsion.

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