Jan 29, 2013

What a Loss?

My heart rages with anger to read about the barbaric act of rootless thugs who desecrate the houses of knowledge and services in the name of Islam. These uneducated brutish puritanical zealots have lost their sense of balance in their judgement that they have destroyed the history of the ummah. I don't know what kind of people they can be who has no value for education and knowledge. Certainly they cannot be counted as Muslims or representing Islamic values. What a disgrace? It is high time OIC takes a serious look at preserving these treasures. It is no point leaving it to the UNESCO to do the job of preserving such valuable works of great significance.

To my surprise none of the Muslim countries has shown any interest in West African Affairs. There is no Department for the Study of Islam in West Africa. Unless and until there is a serious effort and commitment shown by the Muslim world all these manuscripts and monuments will be at the mercy of such hooligans. What a shame!

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