Jan 29, 2013

Pee Brain

Scientist have again crossed the "moral barrier" by making brain cells from human pee. This only shows that there is no real waste. With proper recycling technology everything can be made beneficial in one form or the other. This seems to be better than the urine therapy which is widely practiced by many alternative medical practitioners. I asked a friend of mine on why Chinese and Indians are active and energetic and her response was the gradual intake of one's own urine. I know of India's former Prime Minister Morarji Desai's craving for urine.

What should the Muslim do if such brainy scientists come up with pee cells to enhance the performance of the brain? Is there a hukm that permits a prohibited item once the nature of the object changes? I am sure there is a legal maxim which states that with the change of the constituent of the object its rule governing its permissibility or otherwise do incur change accordingly. Thus there should be no hesitation in accepting the cell originated form pee as long as it has undergone the due process of the change. Even the New water of Singapore falls under this category. No wonder when I brought a bottle of water from Singapore, my wife said that it tastes different!

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