Feb 18, 2013

Azhar Shaikh Shakes the President

Recent historic visit by Iran's outgoing and embattled President has reopened the old wounds of Sunni-Shi'i divide as the Azhar Shaikh snubbed him for championing the cause of the Muslim world. Was he justified? Is this historical schism need to be revived? Can't we Muslims accept the sincere attempt by the Iranians to bring the Muslim issues to the fore when all our sunni leadership is paying lip-service to the pressing issues faced by Muslims? When the majority is sleeping can't the minority take the lead? Why punish the minority for taking the lead? Enough of the pseudo Arab supremacy over the Persians. Now many of the Gulf countries are trying to play the proxy role for the American agenda in the Middle East. They found the Iranian move is destabilising the age-old hypocritical clout that has robbed the Muslims of their dignities and self-esteem. What we have witnessed in the name of "Arab Spring" is the American silent revolution against the emerging Islamic consciousness among the world Muslim youth. The countries they have ruined in the name of this Spring revolution will not forgive the criminals who have orchestrated the massacre of the innocents, all because of their greed to dominate the resources of the Arab world to remake their faltering economies. Real rascals. The new Muslim elites who replaced the old in this collusion and cooperation with these criminals have sold their countries and people for long-term enslavement under the pretense of freedom and democracy. Interesting to watch how these historical hyprocrisy and day-light robbery is unveiling. Muslims are still at sleep. They have not come out of their stupor and to see the dirt their new masters are playing out in the name of democracy, freedom and religious pluralism. The country that will have the last laugh will be Iran.They understood the modus operandi of all these American manufactured revolutions.

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