Feb 3, 2013

Kerry Mixes the Curry

Senator Kerry as the new Secretary of States in the second Obama administration is trying his luck to turn the tide of growing anti-Americanism by starting his first day with updates from Middle East, giving meaning to his keen interest in finding a lasting solution to the most pressing issue that plagued every administration before him. Most of his predecessors paid lip-service and showed political posturing to this issue as they were held captive under the powerful Jewish lobbies in US. Being a personal friend of Bibi, let's hope, he will put in more of his heart, mind and soul in persuading his friend to tone down his arrogant stance against innocent Palestinians and to stop immediately all illegal occupations of Palestinian lands. I am sure he will fail. This should not let him lose hope in finding peace in other parts of the Muslim world where America has tempered with security and morality under the pretext of securing its own territory from the menace of terrorism which it created. My humble advise to him is that as he tries to mix his curry he must be boldly innovative and creative even if it means to depart from the policies pursued by his immediate predecessor, who was simply playing to the theater of political hypocrisy. Kerry must revisit Pak-Afghan problem with renewed zeal and dedication so that America will not be seen as a sore loser and an unreliable partner for peace and prosperity. He can also persuade his Indian friends to be more humane in treating the Kashmiris by letting them decide their future and destiny. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see what he can deliver in four years' time. I am sure nothing much.

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