Feb 2, 2013

Nobel or Noble Prize

I was under the impression that the prestigious Swedish Nobel Prize is meant for achievement par excellence and many who were conferred with this honor and distinction really deserve the prize as they had contributed to the advancement of human knowledge. But somehow this honorific title has been hijacked and the people the Nobel selection committee nominates and awards this Prize is somewhat political and ill-intentioned. Conferring this prize on Obama prematuredly before accomplishing anything other than kick starting the Arab spring by his Cairo speech and now on this young and brave lady Malala for coming back from dead after her Taliban ordeal, do create doubt about the real intention of this Committee. There are many women in Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq who have died for more significant causes than that of Malala. Why didn't the Nobel committee award them as well, never mind being posthumous? Let's hope the agenda this committee pursues is noble and hopefully brings about positive changes to female education in Pakistan.

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