Feb 1, 2013

Protecting Religious Sinners

Again a Roman Catholic Priest is on the limelight for the wrong reason. This time for protecting a fellow priest with a pedophile dossier in his closet. This serves no better for the image of Christianity which is on the defense in many parts of the enlightened West. This case of religious sinners seems to be wildly spreading across all religious lines. I have read of Hindu priests involved in uncontrolled orgies and some Muslim Ustaz with khalwah activities. This brings to our attention a serious problem concerning these guardians of spirituality who are secretly pursuing the pleasure of their flesh. Is it a sign of deprivation that results in desperation to let go their frustration? Why lead this double life? Why can't these religious sinners live like normal people and seek forgiveness after punishment? It is high time masses learn more about their religions and keep a watchful eye on those who claim to champion morality.

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