Feb 19, 2013

Lee's Discharge: Does it Matter Anymore?

News of the old Lee going in and out of hospital is not affecting the economy or politics of Singapore anymore. People are increasingly getting sick of his very presence. He is simply refusing to die by prolonging his nonsensical presence. This is what I got from my recent visit to Singapore. There are many who have admiration for him, but at the same breadth they are losing hope in his successor who is becoming more like him. Despite this fondness and affection for him people are generally fed up with the continuation of the same autocratic totalitarian arrogance which belies the much hyped freedom and liberalism which Singapore claims to have accorded its citizen after much cynicism.

Even though the old man has done gross injustice to innocent people who had no interest in politics but wanted to remain faithful to their religious conviction by criminally abusing the special branch to go after them and their children and ruining their livelihood, I must commend him for his sterling statesmanship and unflinching moral courage. Let's hope he gets better by not thinking too much about the future of Singapore. He should focus more on how he is going to come up from the grave when things goes wrong. But then his own son has changed many of the policies of his father, for he knows the dad is not dead yet to come back alive to challenge him.

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