Feb 18, 2013

Rare Show of Defiance

In a rare show of displeasure 2,000 odd Singaporeans weathered the rain and protested against the ill-thought out policy of the Lee Dynasty to increase the population to 6.9 million by 2030 by bringing in (or perhaps trafficking in) immigrants ostensibly from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and perhaps the Philippines. Singapore is increasingly becoming the one-stop centre for the growing number of newly rich exoding Chinese from the mainland, the disgruntled Hong Kees and the wealth hoarding Chinese of Indonesia who are blatantly filling the coffers in Singapore-based banks. Many of these turncoats are given fast-track citizenship to bring in the money along with the much hyped "foreign talent". This leaves the people of the soil disgruntled and angered, as the Dynasty has no time and feel for the plight of the citizens.Even those who benefited from the system are increasingly feel discarded by the Dynasty's change of policy. But my concern is whether all those who made news by participating in this rare show of defiance are really paid by the Dynasty to act out this scene to convince the world that Singapore is also undergoing a Spring revolution, albeit silently.

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