Feb 12, 2013

Pope Exits From the Chaos

Pope the Ratzinger has thrown his towel in the Vatican and its Holy hyprocrisy by calling it a quit. He can no longer cover the arses of all those sickening pedophiles who played behind his back with his Holy tacit approval. Now he could not stand against his own conscience that continues to prick his failing mind and body. He has for once confirmed that serving God requires more than organised evangelism. It requires impeccable personal character in addition to knowledge that bears fruits in wisdom. Ever since his ascendancy in this conspicuously intriguing role as the savior of the sinning 1 billion odd Roman Catholics, Pope Benedict has lost the opportunity to die as the Pope who treaded the path of the Holy Christ in dying for the sins of his followers. He lost his sainthood.

Now that the Vatican has housed him within its vicinity proves that it doesn't want him to go out seeking forgiveness for the sexual crimes committed by his fellow cardinals and bishops. The fact that he is to occupying the residences of nuns only alarms the concerned public as to what sort of new scandals that may emerge from there. He may grab the nuns when looking for buns. They should set up more cameras to monitor his daily activities behind the well-guarded enclosure of the Vatican.

Let him rest in peace in his monastery and do more retrospective reflections on the direction of the declining and crumbling empire called Vatican.  

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