Feb 12, 2013

Music for Mullahs

I was wondering why the West is hell bent on bringing Iran into line by causing all these thoughtless and toothless sanctions which target the innocents. Certainly it is not going to achieve the intended purpose. The problem posed by Iran to the West is not the nuclear issue, but it is the "export" of its Islamic revolution which has inspired many that it had won over many of its initial critics. Echoing this point the Defense Minister of Iran says it is not exporting weapons but culture. Defying all odds and ridicules Iran has repeatedly proved its detractors wrong by staying the course with confidence and resolute pride in what it pursues and promotes.

I have been barking up at the wrong tree when I called for introducing Music and Drama as part of Fine Arts Studies in Islamic universities. So far what I got was a frown and a branding of liberal . But I see this as a solution to rein in the Muslim youths who feel the brunt of Western cultural colonization. The call by the Iran's Culture Minister to challenge Capitalism and Hollywoodism is timely as the West has been promoting its values through these films. Islamic universities must establish such a department where students can conduct research on the usage of music and drama in the propagation of religion. Even the influence of music on some chronic diseases have been studied since the past. Sadly the adverse Saudi influence in Islamic education has made Muslim lose touch with field. The fact that Iranian films are winning international awards and recognitions goes only to disprove he critics of music and drama hat hey are unjustly biased and shortsighted.

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