Feb 12, 2013

Iran Between Right and Might

Despite the unjust isolation of Iran over the past 34 years it has emerged unscathed from the inhuman sanctions imposed on the Iranian people by the world hegemonic powers. It only goes to prove that Iran has secured its rights because it focused relentlessly on building its might to protect its right. The West only understands might. The Muslim world must work towards its independence by developing their human capital that is geared towards self-reliance. Otherwise it will be a pawn in the hands of occupiers. The Arab neighbors are colluding with the foreign partners o undermine the scientific progress of Iran. I am sure they will not be successful. As a proud nation with 5000 year history Iran is not a easy push over. It is time for Obama to wear turban and negotiate with the mullahs in Iran. No amount of arrogant will can force Iran to the negotiating table. I am certain he West will have more lessons o learn from Iran.

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