Mar 3, 2013

Ratzinger Back to Rat Hole

Now the truth is trickling down from the high walls of Vatican hypocrisy that it was the fetish cross-dressing sex activities bordering on full orgy within the walls of the Citadel of holy debauchery that the holy Rat the Singer had to find shelter in solitude and leaving all the holy ministries to the next Pope who may pop up from the college of the Cardinal sinners. I must congratulate Benedict the XVI for being a realist and truthful to himself that he cannot continue to put on a face of scholarly piety and continue defending sex offenders. I don't think he is stepping aside due to poor health. In fact as a true follower of Jesus he must continue to champion the cause of his mission and not shy away from performing duty due to physical impairment. He looked fine as he boarded the heli. The real reason has to be investigated. Perhaps he feared that if he continues in office not only his personal butler will leak out his secrets, but even his bedsheets may reveal many episodes.

Now his predecessor John the Paul is being pushed to a stage closer to sainthood. The Vatican Bishops are playing chess by moving the remains of one pope from the past and place John in his stead. It seems that even the sainthood has been adversely affected by the general economic gloom faced by Europeans that they have to push the remain of one for another, since John Paul is still popular and he brings in more money even after his death.

This whole nonsense must stop and let the people choose their own Pope. Where is democracy in Vatican? If democracy is truly practiced I am sure Silvio Berlusconi might well be the next contender for the Papacy and he may even start his holy Bunga Bunga sessions with much devotion and piety.

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