Mar 19, 2013

American Hyprocrisy

Iran laments about the hypocrisy of US in dealing with Iranian matters. It is not something new. It is a fact that US has pursued its vital interests through hypocrisy and deceit. It lied about the 9/11, attacked Iraq and Afghanistan as a consequence of that lie to divert the world attention from the real issues facing US and its involvements in the affairs of other nations. It is important to deal with US in similar manners. No amount of sincerity is needed to deal with this hypocritical world power. It has engineered the down fall many of its erstwhile dictators who oppressed their citizens to grant US favorable deals, and now it is hiding behind the so-called Islamists whom they have nurtured over the years to run the countries in the Middle East while blatantly supporting the mega-base project in Israel which serves as its launching pad to lord over the entire Middle East. The time has come for the Muslims to throw all these criminals who are acting on behalf of this hypocritical power and bring genuine leader who will put an immediate stop to all those debauchery and butchery taking place in the name of regime change initiated by this vile force of progress. Arab nations that are championing this so-called spring movement must be closely watched for their active or tacit participation in this chaos. Their time will come soon.

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