Mar 19, 2013

Obama going to see Mama Bibi

In his attempt to placate the ill-fated Bibi in the Occupied Territories of Palestine, America's Grey or Greying President is stirring up the Iranian nation against its legitimate leaders by calling for popular uprising to overthrow the current regime in order to change Iranian nuclear ambition. I didn't expect Obama to be this simplistic. I can understand why he is playing this tune just before he flies to meet the Joker of the Middle East Netanyahu. But he knows for sure no matter who comes as the leader in Iran, they are not going to change their inalienable right to nuclear technology or for that matter their right to have the nuclear bomb as deterrence if they wish. It is better he tone down his antics and anti-Iranian rhetoric, instead he should focus more on disciplining his friend the Bibi so that he will not urinate on his head when he visit him in a skirted but diplomatically symbolic tour of the Occupied Territories. Talking about isolation is no longer valid as US and its proxies are dealing with Iran behind the scene. Enough of political posturings and tough talks with no result. It is high time US talks directly with Iran without any precondition and include the criminal proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear arsenals by the criminal occupants of Palestinian lands, then only any genuine stability will come to that part of the world. By stirring up the population against their leaders through provocative talks will not bring about change in Iran. By starving its people US will lose those who are sympathetic towards its interest in that country. US must come out sincere and not follow the dictates of the AIPAC or any other forces that bankroll the congress and senate to get their way in.


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