Mar 19, 2013

Pope Francis Nimbles or Humbles

The mild-mannered simple and humble Argentinian Cardinal has sworn in as the next Pope to the mislead innocent Roman Catholics of the world by being nimble in reaching out to the weak and the needy by cutting down on ostentatious spending on his own inauguration and appealing to the faithfuls as a no-frill Pope who is down to earth and faithful-friendly. But he has not addressed the moral issue that confounds and plagues the Papacy for too long - the sex scandal. 

By selecting an Argentinian to head this Citadel of Deceit the world Christiandom is trying to salvage the dwindling number of faithfuls in Latin America. I am sure the new Pope will increase the Vatican coffer with wealth contributed by the Latin American drug and war lords whom he may baptize them into as the born-again faithfuls. Things may get sticky from now on. We won't be surprise if we find some drug peddlers and dealers among the Cardinal sinners who conspire behind the holy father to enrich themselves and the holy sea through such pious undertaking.


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