Apr 3, 2013


With the Gulf-engineered and financed Arab Spring has taken a new twist that the sponsors are feeling the pinch as the Muslim Brotherhood is extending its tentacles that is choking the testicles of these shaky Arabdoms that they are crying foul of Brotherhood sowing the seed of subversion. So says the Dubai Police Chief. What this Chief did not say is the reason why the Brotherhood should not do such activities there in the first place. There must be a reason for their subversion, if there is any. All these Gulf countries have not reformed their policies towards their own people. We still find very poor and destitute people among the native Arabs themselves and their women are prevented from participation in the political process except with some limitation imposed to guarantee the male lordship over them. Sisters are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, even though the King has introduced some sweeping reforms by opening an impressive all-women university of par excellence. But such reforms are too few to meet the challenges posed by these Brotherhood. My advise to the worried Gulf shaikhs is that they should allow the Gulf Sisterhood assume leadership roles both in the academia and government so that they can effectively control the onslaught of the overzealous Muslim Brotherhood from toppling these domino rulers. My other advise to some of these Shaikhs from Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai is that they should stop playing international politics as proxies for their Godfathers who themselves are licking their wounds and are desperately searching for a disgraceful exit from the mess they have created under false pretexts and naked lies in the wider Middle East and the larger Islamic World. Instead of footing the bills for their masters they should work to ensure that their own people are well taken care of, not necessarily in monetary and material terms alone, but also in all other aspects and dimensions that make a wholesome people. They should stop playing somebody's game and get their fingers burnt. I hope they heed before they bleed in painful consequence. May God save the ummah..

My reading on the development that is taking place in the larger Middle East is that it is a deliberate attempt by world criminals in cohort with willing zombies from the Gulf Arabs to weaken the Arab states into silence so that they will readily accept and recognise the illegitimate usurpers of the Palestinian territories which has been filled to its teeth with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and is building the largest military base to keep watch over the region. It is against this background the West and its stooges in the Gulf are hell-bent on denying Iran from developing its nuclear technology. I feel that these Arab countries in the Gulf are working to ensure the survival of this illegitimate entity. If these crabs (I mean the Arabs) are unwilling to liberate the Holy lands then let other Muslims take the lead in cleaning these shaikhdoms off all these knee-jerkers and replace them with this Brotherhood, at least these people are making noise and are seen supporting the liberation of these occupied territories. But then when the Gazan tunnels are filled with sewerages by the post-Mubarak rulers.how can one be sure that these Brotherhood will be better than the one who is currently in control. It is said that a known devil is better than an unknown angel.


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