Apr 25, 2013


No body could imagine that there are people still love Bush for what he is - being a dubya. Now a close associate of him has come out in public to defend the ex-President by claiming that he was indeed smarter than what many people have thought that he often baffled his advisory team with his quick thinking on the feet. A character himself that the President must be credited with some appreciation for bringing the high Office of the Presidency to his cowboy ranch that he did not see much difference between the cows and people that he attacked nations which have no link whatsoever with the 9/11 incident which, in the words of Moore, his father's lackeys have manufactured.

I feel that he might have been a genius but who was instructed by his father to play dumb so that the older Bush and his infamous gang can continue their game of dam to create the New World Order by undermining the then existing peace with deliberate and calculated chaos in all spheres of activities including economy and politics. It is his father's insatiable greed for control of energy that led to this gruesome crime against innocent people of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Perhaps we can call him the "smart" dubya. What a family!


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