May 1, 2013

Terrifying Dagestan

The heinous Boston bombing by two Dagestani youths has once again highlighted the Western obsession with their pet subject of Muslims as terrorists. Now Muslims from Afghanistan to Dagestan are considered as terrorists. I am wondering what other pretext the war-mongering American administration might contrive and attack another innocent people. But then they can't do much there since Russia is in control of events in Dagestan and Chechnya.

Coming to think of it I see this episode as another American handiwork to keep the American public engaged in the fading topic of terrorism.The world has seen how American administration has tried to cover one lie with ten lies. Perhaps it could be an attempt by the competing security agencies who want to prove the other wrong and their continuous relevance in keeping America safe from both the home-grown terrorists and elements from outside the continent. This is likely as both these security institutions were criticized for being ineffective in decoding intelligence data. It might be that one agency is trying to purge the other to win rating and betting.

When this news was first flashed I was hoping that no Muslim will be involved. My concern was with the innocent Muslims living and working in America who might face the brunt of American backlash. But as it turn out that it was born-again Muslim who was captured on the CCTV.  I still have my doubts as to whether this innocent looking 19 year old young man was the actual bomber or the one who walked past them without any bag.  The story the Americans spin on their make-believe network services are appallingly unbelievable.  

The parents are divorced and are trying to disown their children. The mother seems to be psychologically disturbed while the father is adamantly silent and has nothing to say except that his children are innocent. So the truth lies somewhere in the American security apparatus. Certainly they know the truth, since it might be possible that they themselves might have planted this. After all Americans are not angels!


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