Apr 29, 2013

Disasterous Bangladesh

Nature has been unkind to Bangladesh in annual unleashing of monsoonal flood that kills thousands and displaces many more without shelter and safety. Even this is not enough those who stand to gain from their political patronage are violating the basic rights of fellow countrymen who toil their life and shed their blood to earn a decent living by working in many garment factories that clothe the many world famous textile and garment brands. The greed for money has blinded many that they forget the basic safety needs of fellow human being. Bangladesh has a history of disaster, many of them are man-made which could have be avoided had those in authority paid little consideration for human life. The recent collapse of an eight-story Rana Plaza is an addition in the long list of endemic and systemic failures and corrupt practices that have been plaguing this country since its so-called war of independence that was largely engineered by the Indian intelligence. That is why all criminals from Bangladesh run across the border to India taking shelter in the swampy wasteland of Sundarbans to escape justice.

It is high time the international sponsors of these garment factories stand firm on their human rights record by bringing such irresponsible profit-oriented heartless landlords to the full force of the law and confiscate their ill-gotten wealth that is drenched in the blood of the innocents. These people must be executed in public for their act of deliberate negligence.

I had lived and worked with Bangladeshis in both UK and US and I found them to be very hospitable and sincere. The simplicity and easily befriendable nature of this hard working people are taken for granted by such unscrupulous individuals who abuse the system and continue to keep the larger community below the global poverty limits. A sad reality in Bangladesh.


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