May 25, 2013


The West and the rest who conspired against Muslim nations are at work again in re-engineering another disaster in their latest effort to "correct" the wrong they created in order to continue their hegemony in a historically important Palestine. After having dismembered Iraq and desecrating and pillaging the war-ravaged Afghanistan the criminals in the West are trying to save their dirty faces by toppling the elected government in Syria. They think that by bringing in their so-called Muslim agents to power by illegal and subversive activities they can rewrite the history of that part of the world in order to give more lands to the Zionist entity who use the usurped lands for peace deal and full diplomatic recognition by the Muslim world. They succeeded treacherously to overthrow regimes by killing innocent people as collateral, and they do all these atrocities in name of bringing in democracy and rule of law. My foot!

It took two hundred over years to see some semblance of democracy in US and only recently that has translated into practical reality by electing a grey man as President. He called for change in Cairo and started this silent but potent war against the long-serving ruling mafias of the Arab world. But his call seems to have not reached the ears of the Shaikhs of Arabia. They are colluding with him in the madness of change. I am not against change if that change is warranted, but I am appalled by the manner in which such change is brought about. Creating devastation and carnage in the name change is unforgiving. This will never end the vicious cycle of violence that will come to haunt those who perpetrated it.   

I am no lover of Assad or his father. But I am a great admirer of Syrians for their cultural nuances and religious piety despite coloured by high dose of modernity. I had the privilege of studying with Syrians when I was in UK and US. They are highly civilised and sophisticated Muslims who are well placed to compete with the Western arrogance, be it intellectual or otherwise. Even Apple's founder Steve Job has Syrian blood!

In dealing with Syria the great players must be cautious not to make more enemies among the common people. If they are interested in the removal of Assad they should send in their elite forces and pluck him out of his palace as they did with Manuel Noriega or even the "famous 9/11 culprit". Syria is not an Iraq and the criminal powers will not achieve their nefarious design of redrawing the landscape of the Middle East. They will continue to earn the displeasure of the Muslim world. I am worried more innocent lives will be destroyed both in the West and the Middle East. The recent killing of a British soldier is a clear testimony for the increasing hatred which has been brewing in the hearts and minds of Muslims who see the ugly side of Western hypocrisy and double standard in dealing with Muslim countries. I am sure the West will be tested more and more and innocent people will be made to pay for the crimes of their criminal leaders. I only hope and pray that sanity will prevail and the real culprits of these violence are held accountable and be surrendered to the people who have been victimised for a fair justice.

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