Jun 2, 2013

From Sewer to Senate

China is a country of strange happenings. Being flushed down the toilet bowl by a guilty mother, the Baby Number 59, was indeed a lucky boy to have survived the ordeal of going through the worst place one can anticipate. I am sure he will rise through the hole to the top post in years to come. I see silver linings in this sewer boy. It is sad that morality has gone from down the drain to down the toilet chute in recent years. Many Asian girls including Muslims have resorted to premarital sex that results in pregnancy outside marriage. This is against the Asian values I know. Unfortunately in their desire to be modern and contemporary many Asian girls are behaving foolishly with no shame and get themselves violated, albeit, with their own consent. This is one of the main reason why rape is on the rise. It is better to stop this premarital adventure that results in such shame. But the child is innocent. I wish him long and fruitful life so that he will put an end to such wrongful delivery of child in the future.


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