Jun 18, 2013


Traditionally Arabs came to Singapore for da'wah and business, but of late they are coming to get themselves fixed in non-traditional adventures.The recent court ordeal for three Arab referees who were involved in match fixing in exchange for sexual favor has highlighted the exuberation Arabs are feeling when they come out of their holy lands where their sexual urge are controlled religiously that as soon as they hit lands outside their countries they leave no holes barred. It is this uncontrolled urge to commit adultery/fornication that landed these three dudes in trouble. My country is an organised place where everyone's move is well-monitored and scrutinized, particularly so if one looks Muslim.

It is a shame that our sexually-frustrated otherwise holy Arabs are running wild across the Southeast Asian countries which they have found to be a fertile ground for their plowing business. One can see them in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Singapore without missing the Philippines. Surprisingly such cases have spiked in Singapore recently. There are almost daily some sensationally sexual stories are published in the newspaper. I remember reading about a teacher violating his student, an ex-senior officer of Civil Defense doing some oral examination. Who is to be blamed? Is it a deliberate attempt by some to pollute and divert the attention of the populace away from the harsher realities of living in Singapore? Need answers!

Fixing matches came as a surprise to me and it seems to be a recent phenomenon in a country that fixes itself and puts its people in a fix. I came to read about it when FIFA traced some Singaporean involvement in match fixing of world cup games, which was even highlighted in the media. I thought it was an one-off thing. But it seems that this has become well-entrenched in a gambling-oriented system where people are increasingly pressured to gamble away their lives. As Arabs have no need for money they have fallen prey to things that give pleasure. Here the Indian help would be very helpful as they are the main suppliers of human flesh since they boast themselves of knowing the Arab taste. But in Singapore our China man is behind the supply side. It is no surprise at all. They have been doing this all along but seldom their names come out in public as they have developed a well sophisticated and coordinated supply line that does not expose the parties involved. Even some of the Muslim organisations were involved in this supply side that catered to the needs of the visiting Arabs/Muslims who wanted some privacy to hide their actions under the holy veil. Some of these organisations made profit in faithfully taking care of the visiting dignitaries. Many of their such wild adventures were well-documented and preserved for usage in negotiation and recruitment.  I wish our visiting Arab/Muslim brothers will make full use of their heads above their shoulders more frequently in Singapore.


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