Jun 27, 2013


Certainly the haze that has engulfed both Malaysia and Singapore is unprecedented in terms of scale and cost. This is not the first time haze is "migrating" to Malaysia and Singapore. Year after year this hazy problem crops up when some Indonesians try to clear-up the forest for some economic activities. This seems to be the cheapest way of clearing a forest area. But then when one is living in a neighborhood the feeling of fellow neighbors must be taken into account. There is nothing wrong in the Indonesian President extending his apology to both these countries. It is not a question of violating the dignity of the country. He being a cultured person what he did was highly appreciated. But then what he should have done is to levy heavy penalty on those who cause such large scale arsonic activity. I am sure some of these multinationals are involved in their ambitious projects in Indonesia who were directly involved in it. But then one may have to check where these corporations are registered. I won't surprise they might well be from these two countries. In that case instead of barking at the Indonesians it would be better for these countries to charge those corporations in their respective countries with Haze Levy which might include the cloud seeding expenses as well.

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