Jul 6, 2013


Having toppled the only democratically elected President of the new (Islamic) Republic of Egypt, the backers of the old regime has got a new poster boy who is poised to repeat his nobel laureate feat for the second time by playing the devil's advocate in becoming the Prime Minister in a subversive daylight robbery of the legitimate aspiration of the Egyptian people. He may have the good intention to steer Egypt out of its current political chaos by accepting this post in the interest of serving his nation at a testing time like this. He by doing so has unwittingly colluded in the destruction of democracy which he claims to champion of. This is hypocrisy and not democracy. It is impossible to fix the problem created by eighty-odd years of authoritarian rule within a year. Those who were opposed to Morsi and gang are dead bent on not giving the much needed space to accomplish what he sets out to achieve in his presidency, fearing that the more time is given to the president the more radical his supporters will be. As such they have decided to turn the wheel and capture the seal of power thinking that the might of the army will rule over the rights of the Egyptians. I am not sure how things will turn out in Egypt in the coming months and years. Arresting the Brotherhood will let loose its Sisterhoods to run wild that may affect Egypt's neighbors who cosponsored this new revulsion against Morsi's revolution. I sincerely hope Elbaradei will stay non-partisan in this treacherous game of double parody that is being played out in the squares and roundabouts of the Egyptian streets. Otherwise he may end up paying the ultimate prize without receiving the next nobel prize. Is he paying the right price for it?


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