Jul 11, 2013


The new envoy of Vatican to Malaysia has landed himself in the same controversy concerning the Christian usage of the term Allah in their Malay translation of Bible. This is a deliberate attempt by the Christian church to win more converts and to confuse Muslims. The term "Allah", a pre-Islamic concept that connotes an Indivisibly Unique and Unknowable Being Worthy of Service, is retained in Islam as a perfect description that befits the Islamic concept of God. This is not the same He as described by the Christians. Their description of a divisible God does not fit the Islamic description of Allah. As such Christians must stay away from engaging in such deliberate attempt to confuse others. If this is allowed than votaries of other religions also will come up with different descriptions of Him and call that description as Allah. This is a clear case of abuse and blasphemy. Let the Vatican emissary confine himself to the diplomatic niceties and refrain from muddying his reputation in worthless polemics.   


One cannot blame the Vatican emissary for his remarks when own donkeys are talking the same way. In a recent article the sheepish Khalid Samad of PAS says that "Allah" was used by non-Muslims since Prophet's time meaning that it is not a new word and that non-Muslims can make use of it to refer to or to describe Him. I wonder this joker really understand the full import of the term "Allah" can he define Him theologically? There were many words used before Islam which are still in vogue in Islam such as Salat, Zakat, Riba, etc. Do the non-Muslims use them to describe their version of these words in similar sense? It is important politicians must not meddle in religion. Otherwise such nonsense will come out from their mouth.


I am really surprised that now politicians are coming to the aid of Allah. When did they become so religious? My sincere advise to all those who want to defend Allah is that the Almighty does not need your help. Let the scholars, particularly the Theologians from both Islam and Christianity sit and discuss this matter. Let not the dirty politicians pollute His Holiest Name by their dirty mouths. Now that the learned court has ruled in favor of the matter, let the matter go through the full process of the law and let the court seek the kind indulgence of the concerned theologians to outline their arguments and then make a conclusive stand on this. I remember this matter was raised in my country in the late 80's and it was settled as the definitions of Allah as comprehended by the two groups differed greatly.


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