Jul 13, 2013


I was playing the puff game of Ball Trap while reading on the return to IMF policy of the third-time elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif who is currently on a six-day China visit when his special envoy was sent to India to play some soft balls (gajar ka halwah) with Mr. Singh. What game Mian Saheb is trying to play?

He like his predecessor has been piously accepting the IMF recipe for perpetual enslavement of the Pakistani society. I wonder what has happened to all the previous loans and facilities. Perhaps all that might have been reduced to rubbles with the incessant and reckless bombing of the terrorists that has destroyed much of the remnants of post-independent historical heritages in Pakistan. So certainly Pakistan needs external assistance in rebuilding itself. Is IMF the right choice? We need to ask the Pakistani experts for their assessment on this.

Of course Pakistan has paid dearly and that too repeatedly for standing by a hypocritical America that misread her hospitality by showering the host with missiles thrown from drones flying high above the remote parts of the tribal belt. Innocent people have paid with their lives for the satanic activities of America in that part of the World. Mian Saheb with his brotherly affinity with some of those Taliban sympathisers might help stop the innocent killings that has been unleashed at the Pakistani society by encouraging direct Talks between the killers (Americans) and the killed (the Taliban). There can be no solution to the problem Americans have created except to honorably exiting the scene by doing more infrastructural development and correcting the wrongs they have done over the past three decades. America should stop playing the sectarian card by fueling one against the other by supplying ammunition to both sides of the conflict. Pakistan should learn from all these American dirty tactics and focus on building stronger ties with China. No matter however much Pakistan wants to be closer to America, the Americans have repeatedly proven that they are closer to the Indians despite India lambasting America for its pro-Pakistan sentiments in its Congress.

It is important for Pakistan to develop its infrastructure by actively pursuing the Chinese model of development. Unfortunately the inherited curse of Zamindari-fedualism stands in the way that prevent any positive change which may benefit the entire nation. Leaders must think of the people's well-being more than their own comfort. Mian Saheb has been given a third chance to change the system, let's hope he will do so. But he is still in the business of selling Pakistan. His approach to engage India peacefully will not materialise as the Indians have never been sincere in their dealings. He should stop thinking like a businessman and start behaving like a patriot. This is certainly lacking in Pakistan.



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