Jul 23, 2013


It is disheartening to read about forcing non-Muslim students to have their meals during recess in shower room to avoid enticing the Muslims with food. This is clearly against the teachings of Islam. People who are behind such stupidity must be reprimanded so that they will not repeat such nonsensical act. Let the non-Muslim students enjoy their rights. They also have fasting according to their religious belief. I know of my Hindu friends who are strict observers of fasting from eating cooked food and confine themselves to drinking milk and fruit juices. Let them celebrate their religion as they deem fit. No need to impose our will on them or to deny them their basic rights. This is really disgusting.


After writing the above blog I saw the news coverage where the second deputy education minister  Kamalanathan paying a prompt visit to the concerned school and explained the situation to the public that the shower rooms are no attached to any toilets and that they are not in use and that there are tables to facilitate such activities.  Even some Muslim parents also confirmed that their children also participated in this event.  I hope the on-line media will not sensationalise news to create unnecessary falsehood and misinformation or disinformation. Good effort by the minister and his team for taking a prompt action. Keep it up.

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