Aug 28, 2013


It is sad that the now disgraced Chinese governor is finding scapegoat for his crime by accusing his wife, who is currently serving a suspended death sentence over the killing of a British businessman, of having an affair with his police friend who took shelter in a foreign embassy to avoid retaliation from this political maverick. His accusation is so demeaning in the sense that his wife is unable defend herself and after all she stood behind her man to defend his reputation, her family and child from the threat of this British friend. As a mother she has done what she has to do to protect her son from harms way. And she got what she deserves for the crime she is purported to have committed.

This is not something unusual. History is full of such treachery. The West is known for such behavior. By employing blackmail, threat and outright backstabbing they concurred the world. The same dirty tricks are being played at micromanaging China through deliberate attempt to pollute the population. So it is not surprising to such cases of betrayals. The West is trying its level best to bring the Chinese leadership to toe its line so that they will be colluding with them in fooling the world. Even the so-called democratic movement, the separatist movements in Xinjiang and Tibet are morally and materially supported and sustained by them. They will continue to buy as many Chinese loyalties as they can so that they will be able to gain sufficient access to the decision makers. Bo Xilai is one such access that has been exposed, but there will be more such cases still lie low in China waiting to be exposed.

One thing good is that at least for now we see the Chinese court house in full session and listen to the legal proceedings. This is certainly a clear indication of transparency in judiciary in China. But ultimately all depends on the punishment meted out to him for misusing his wife in concealing his fraudulent activities and then to accuse her of flirtuous relations with his police friend. He is a despicable man. It is an indication on how morally corrupted this man is. Worst is that he said she is mad. Is he trying to save her or disparaging her dignity? It is all a total Bull Shit Lie from Bo Xi Lai.


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