Aug 30, 2013


Having destroyed few Muslim countries in the name of bringing democracy with his famous (or now infamous) Cairo speech of change, Obama is now in the same fix as his predecessor of waging war in yet another country in the Middle East to help boost the security of an illegitimate entity that usurped the land of Palestine by weakening its neighbouring countries. The moral arguments and strongly worded statements emanating from his Secretary of State Kerry is one of arrogance and denial of US involvement in supplying the lethal and chemical weapons to Iraq to destroy Iran. I strongly feel that there is no point in punishing the one who used the chemical against the people, the same condemnation and punitive actions must also be meted out to those who supplied them in the first place. This high moral argument smacks of hypocrisy. Why not America punish its illegitimate friend in the Middle East for usurping the Palestinian land and systematically destroying their livelihood with the same moral standing? Hypocrites.

My advise to Obama is that he leaves behind a good legacy that is decorated with milestone achievements in bringing about a peaceful settlement to the age-old Palestinian problem and not to fall for some cheap intelligence cooked up by those usurpers of Palestine and start another frontier that will bring more condemnation and hatred against America and Americans. He needs to free America from the clutches of zionists warmongers who unfortunately remote control the Senate and the Congress. He should not end up as the next casualty. Certainly being a grey man he will not see the world in clear black and white terms, I hope he sees more colour in dealing with such knotty issues. As for his Kerry my advise for him is that he should quit himself as the poster boy for Netanyahu. I am sure no amount of American attack will change the course of things in Syria. 

This Syrian reconfiguration is a result of the criminal mess the Americans and their dirty little friends have created in unmaking Iraq, which was ruled by a "despotic" sunni leadership. So in order to please the sunnis who were marginalised by that foolish act, now the Americans are yielding to pressures from the sunni groups to correct the wrong. Again they will fail and it will create more challenges for Obama. The best solution is for a negotiated political settlement that guarantees equal opportunities for all. American magic is fading and that too very fast. Its credibility has long vanished into the thick clouds of its misguided Middle Eastern adventure. Its determination to protect its illegitimate rascal friend will have serious consequences in the future. No amount of high sounded moral argument will convince the world of American's sense of justice as it is skewed from the very start. It is time for Obama to take a serious look at America's long-term interest in the Middle East by bringing a positive closure to the Palestinian issue by restraining his rascal friend whom he called as the obstinate liar of Middle East through sanctions and possible bombardment. He should not be opening another gate to Damascus which he may not be able to close for long time to come. 


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