Sep 21, 2013


In my recent visit to my country I met up with a friend of mine for a conversation over tea and he has highlighted the growing rate of divorce among Muslims there. Being a person with privy to information on the Muslim divorce he said that the ratio of marriage to divorce currently stands at 1:1.5. The root cause for this, in his opinion, is marital dissatisfaction and he puts the blame squarely on women going out to work which gave them the sense of  independence. This is to look at the issue in a simplistic way. There is nothing wrong in women going out to work so long as her dignity is not compromised. Given the economic realities in Singapore where one has to work even more than two to three jobs to meet the monthly bills, at least women are bringing in the much-needed additional income, if not the main income to maintain and sustain a decent family life. I don't think it is fair to squarely put the blame on the fairer sex for the failure of marriage. The enactment of Women Charter to protect women from the unjust world of man has empowered them to exercise their right to decide their future is a clear testimony to this perceived injustice against women. Unfortunately this has resulted in the victimization of men and many of them have chosen to keep silent over blatant flirtatious relation of their wives for fear of losing her and children and have become growingly disillusioned with the courts that tend to favor women, as the rules and laws were biased towards them since some of those perverted pondans (Malay word for effeminate) and pariahs who drafted these laws have ulterior motives in undermining Islamic law.

My friend was fuming with anger and amusement that a female member of his own community who is religiously observant and who does not miss a single religious event and lecture has a steady pool of sexual partners some of whom she invites to her home in the full view of her children who were ashamed of her debauchery and some of whom she check in with in hotels in Singapore and Johor. In his estimate her clientele might have exceeded 30, for when he interviewed her, she confessed to him that it was some where around 29, and that too she has an insatiable crush on white skin and fairer-looking men from the subcontinent, a peculiar symptom which I term it as Bollywood syndrome, which is certainly a better selection as compared to some others who are colour-blind to eye for well-endowed Africans. Perhaps she is pursuing her own natural way of having a designer baby - a postmodern phenomena. Even her wretched husband is fully aware of her activities and he simply could not do anything against her obvious violation of her marital sanctity, for fear of losing the battle in the court which favors women and penalises men. To compound, the hassel the man has to go through in the division of joint-property makes it impossible for him to contemplate on any divorce proceedings. He just have to turn a blind eye on this unsightly activities of his wife and mother of his children.

My friend said this is not the only case he, as a community leader, came across, but there are many such vile adventures taking place with full knowledge of their husbands, many of whom, according to him are helpless and feel threatened by the legal provision that favors women. He was seeking my religious advice as to what should be the way out. I was stunned by these revelations, for I, for one, have a high opinion on the fairness of Singapore's meritocratic system that was so methodically perfected and fine-tuned by successive waves of genius planners and social engineers who, according to the late Rajaratnam, even turned Confucius on his head. When such moralists are turned on their heads then what is left of their morality?

I saw the sadness and despair in the eyes of my friend who felt that there is no power to change the curse that has been so savagely pursued at the expense of moral decency. When a system that prides itself as the harbinger of change that challenges the norms and ideals that were time-tested and have weathered the tumultuous ruptures in the long human history, no wise counsel can make any sense to nor any impact on those who pretend to play God. I don't blame the lady for venturing into this wild territory. She is the victim of the system. It is the system that has failed. The blame must be squarely put on those dudes who focus on economic numbers at the expense of moral indicators. I blame those who keep silent over moral decadence in pursuit of few thousands dollars in their pockets. The system has configured the entire society in such a way that anyone can sell anyone for some cheap handouts. This system has so craftily and deviously instituted a well nurtured modern-day slavery that blackmails those who dared to be different.  To my reading of news coming from Singapore, it is not that only Muslims are treading in this path of perversion, but even the non-Muslims too are not free from such decadence. Something is going seriously wrong in my beloved country. Time has come to save the country from the morally corrupted and spiritually bankrupted elites who are worthless of any respect.


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