Aug 16, 2013


Having lost the opportunity to rule the country democratically the usurpers of Egypt's popular government, the criminal elements of the deep state have unleashed terror to quell silent and peaceful expression of discontent by killing more than 300 protestors mostly women and children in the recent spate of violence. It is indeed a disgrace that the army which failed to defeat the enemy in the 1973 war is pointing its guns at innocent people whom it claims to protect. A disgrace indeed. Get this General Sisi and his fellow conspirators executed along with those elements that have conspired the overthrow of an elected government including those who champion the cause of democracy and hope to implement the Western-Zionist agenda. All of them must be brought to the full force of justice, not according to the definition of International Court of Justice, but to the sentiments of popular justice. The satellite images of military and police atrocities are gruesome and cowardly.  

The Western puppet Elbaradei is trying to sneak out of the capital after engineering his rise to Presidency to be the faithful servant of America. I knew from his meteoric elevation to the IAEA to be conferred with the useless Nobel prize that this sell-out is groomed for something big. He did as he was instructed by his handlers, lying behind the crowd twisting and turning restlessly after the popular election of Morsi, only to engineer the present mess and disaster. He is no democrat. If he had been true to the principle of democracy he would have prevented this massacre in the first place and stayed out of the conspiracy he and his fellow sell-outs have conspired. It took these criminals one year of sabotage of elected government and collusion with some regional hypocrites with powerful and tacit approval by the Western hegemons and their illegitimate criminal entity with which Egypt has cemented peace accord only to receive pittance from the West which goes to feed those criminals in Egypt who compete with one another in striking new partnership in stealing the minerals and resources of the country.

As for the Muslim Brotherhood they have departed from the Islamic principles of theocracy by adapting the unjust democratic outfit. This has instead of winning sympathies from the West has created doubt among many as to how they will deliver democracy given their Islamic outlook. That is why those who supported the revolt dictated the course of events in Egypt and pushed these holy cows to the corner. I am ashamed that the Muslim Brotherhood are talking the same language of the previous tyrants: democracy. They must be the last people to sacrifice Islam for democracy. My advise to them is to avoid further calamities by targeting those who were behind these revolt. By now these criminals might have slipped through the security barrier into the Gulf and the Western Capitals. Time is up for prosecution of those murderers. There is no need for American warning to Egypt. In fact it was Washington which gave the go-sign for this crime in the first place. Where is Snowden? He may have the emails.


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