Sep 29, 2013


The word jihad has many new additions like the "Love Jihad" in Kerala and "Sexual Jihad" in Syria. The former is an attempt by some Muslim youths to fall in love with non-Muslim girls in the hope of converting them into Islam, whereas the latter is a perversion committed by the so-called Freedom fighters who have gone to that country in search of some booty. I am startled by the news that some teenage Muslim girls were impregnated by these bearded animals claiming to have got religious approval for their promiscuous relations with under aged girls all in the name of jihad. This curse has been afflicting Muslims wherever there is conflict and each time we read news of such violation being perpetrated by Muslims, let alone the invading non-Muslims. I remember reading about their shameless adventures undertaken by some Gulf Arabs in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Lebanon. Of course there are some exceptionally good brothers who went there purely for the defense of Muslims, but the bad examples shown by these rotten eggs stay in the memories of those who were affected. I find no textual basis for their perverted actions. Who is that idiot who issued the fatwa for such crime in the name of jihad?


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