Oct 30, 2013


It is good to hear about the 2022 hosting of World Cup by a first Muslim Arab country. Qatar, a tiny island Shaikhdom, that sits on the world's largest natural gas reserve is poised to make history by bringing healthy sports into the Arabian peninsula. We must congratulate the ruling elites in that country for making the impossible a reality. No one could imagine that a whole series of world-class soccer will be played in that hellishly-hot desert kingdom. But then what money cannot buy? I am sure billions of petro-dollars, in this case, natural gas dollars, might have been puffed up to make this event a once-in-a-life-time experience for all those who attend and participate, or like us watch it live from distance. Certainly organising such an event is not that cheap. But what topped this proposed venue is the unprecedented wealth that is so cheaply thrown away when millions of Muslims around the world are living in abject poverty and untold miseries. No doubt the people involved in the construction of the required infrastructures for this event are mainly from the impoverished part of Muslim world. In that way Qatar is contributing to the well-being of the Muslims. But at what price?

Many Asians including the housemaids from the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka who have worked in Qatar and the Gulf States do not have any good opinion on these Arabs. Many of them were abused and sexually violated. Some of these girls are Muslims as well. Morality is down the drain. We are seeing the true face of the Arabs. They have no regard for fellow human being. Still in their jahiliyyah arrogance. They are killing their fellow brothers and sisters in the various parts of the Middle East. Look at what they have done with Iraq, Libya, Syria and Lebanon. They support criminal elements to undermine genuine Muslim aspirations. They want to play international politics and strategy by merely setting up strategic studies centres. So far their strategies have failed. Millions have lost their lives. Can their wealth bring back those who lost their lives? All along the ruling elites were fooling the masses. Nothing short of a bloody revolution can cleanse these Arab kingdoms.

So with such a beautiful reputation in hand what's the point in organising an event like World Cup? To showcase what? I see Qatar is taking some courageously bold initiatives to make its mark on the world stage. It has become "the backer of havoc", as my friend puts it, in the Middle East by generously funding the regime-change agenda that has blown out of proportion and started displaying its ugly sides. Millions of innocent people are displaced both internally and externally. Families are separated and fragmented. What kind of stupid strategy these Arabs are pursuing? I wonder what is up in their brains? Money cannot buy nor solve everything. It is time for Qataris to take stock of what they have done and let the people of each Arab state decide what they want. I am sure there will be more bloodshed to come. Being an Arab by origin I can't understand their current behavior. Let's hope these generous Arabs will make sense in their behavior and enage in positive development of the Arab society and the Muslim ummah at large. 

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