Oct 29, 2013


Edward Snowden has brought down too much of snow on the den of American diplomacy that he has exposed its hypocrisy in its dealing with others including all its erstwhile allies and fellow collaborators that they are all frowning at America for peeping and eavesdropping even personal communication and activities. The French, the Germans, The Mexicans, The Brazilians, you name them, all of them feel cheated and duped by Americans. They have been sleeping together that they cannot trust each other. This trust deficit comes at the heel of economic deficit does not come as a surprise. America is so desperate that it is suspecting everyone including close buddies. In a world where people are suspicious of their own shadow, America is fully justified in having such a schizophrenia that it cannot trust its own elected congressmen and senators who are paid servants of foreign lobbies and lobbyists, serving foreign interest in the name of national interest. That is why I find the term American interest rather vague. Now it becomes imperative for America to define its interest clearly and candidly if it wants transparency and accountability from others. It should focus on weeding out these interest groups who are putting the American interests in the back burner in pursuit of personal interests. We need to have a strong and resilient America which has been the beacon of hope for many who felt despised and deprived in their own countries. That image should not be exchanged for an image of aggressor, cheater, liar and an imposter. All along I was thinking that America would naturally continue the intelligence activity commenced by the British in Singapore. But Americans have proven that they are different in their art of deception. Perhaps they did not get much concessions from the ailing Lee. Its really puzzling. But I am not surprised.  


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