Oct 24, 2013


Globalization has brought people of the world together both in good and bad. The real beneficiaries of this globalization are the transnational criminals who are involved in drug and kidnapping activities. It is the innocent who are often caught and end up languishing in foreign jails finding no recourse to proper justice. Many are deprived of legal representation. Many of those imprisoned are students who were used as mules for drug trafficking by sophisticated African Casanovas who prey on girls who are bewitched by African charm. Unfortunately many of them are in prison away from home awaiting execution. Should they be punished in the land where they committed the crime or should they be extradited to their homeland after serving some time in the country where the crime was committed to continue and to complete the sentence, particularly prisoners destined for execution? Is not this part of human rights?

The recent call by the Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister Qashqavi to Malaysia to extradite two Iranian women imprisoned in Malaysia to complete their sentence in Iran is a good suggestion. Iran has been regularly executing drug addicts and peddlers.If those Iranians who commit such crimes outside their country are extradited to Iran, it will drastically reduce the urge to commit the crime abroad, and eventually also help to reduce it even in Iran itself. If every country can do such extradition of its own nationals back from foreign lands to face justice and to complete sentences, I am sure it may help in reducing the crime and the number of citizens in foreign prisons.

This should not stop at drug-related cases, but also all crimes including prostitution. In Malaysia many Iranian girls are involved in such vices, damaging the reputation of the Islamic Republic's image abroad. What Iran is requesting is justifiable in the sense that it will protect the dignity of the country, as these criminals may end up being used and abused by foreign powers in their regime-change agenda.

What Iran has done with China in this respect is commendable. It is hoped that other countries also follow suit in implementing such extradition treaty with one another so that criminals are not given the space to commit the crime nor the reputation of the country is damaged. Let's hope China and Malaysia can also do similar agreement so that few Malaysian students who are imprisoned there could be extradited to serve their sentence at home. In a way it looks humane, but is it humanly right thing to do?


Post Script:

It is a revelation that 70 Iranians are awaiting execution for drug-related offenses in Malaysia. I have noticed this sudden influx of Iranians in the various academic institutions in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and even Singapore who are engaged in more than academic activities. Many of them flash lavishness and make one wonder where on earth they got their wealth. No doubt many may ran away from the mullah-managed country in pursuit of freedom. But the type of freedom they seek is frightening and that may even morally corrupt those innocent locals who have some liking for Iranians for their cultural demure. I hope Iran will take these detained and imprisoned drug-peddlers back to Iran and handle them accordingly.

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