Oct 16, 2013


I always come across the tourist advertisement on India with the adage "Incredible India".  I know for sure India is a fascinating country with endless possibilities. It has a long history of fatal attraction that drew foreign occupations resulting in eventual subjugation. That does not mean the spirit of independence is dampened in India, except that the Prime Minister has to address the nation's independence day from bullet-proof glass-caged rostrum to address the nation on its 67th independence day. I wonder what that means. That shows that security is unreliable despite he having surrounded by security officials. If this is the situation of leaders, what happens to people, particularly those who are vulnerable? I am talking about women and the recent spate of violence against them. According to CNN/BBC/Jazeera news that for every 18 minutes one rape is taking place in that densely populated country. There is no place there that the poor ones are sleeping along the road pavements and some of them are competing with rats looking for some safe place to spend the night or to call it as home. What a tragedy and what a shame! A country which has talented people who are much sought-after by the West for their hard work and intelligence had to endure this curse for centuries! Their treatment of women is terrible. I was stunned to read "Hinduism. A Religion to Live" by the eminent Oxford Professor Nirad C. Chaudhuri wherein he has so eloquently depicted the religion in its raw form. Perhaps one can decipher the root of this mindset there. Women have been ill-treated and their social statuses are reduced to that of the chattles. Is it this India that is aspiring to be the next super power in this region competing with China? I wonder how.

I have a soft corner for India, since I was born there some fifty years back. But to look retrospectively on the progress Indian women have made, I must admit that they have progressed leaps and bounds on their own, but the society as a whole has not favoured them much. I wonder what those Woman Rights Movements are doing? They should rock the country from its self-indulging stupor that condones violence against women and leave the perpetrators unpunished or with simple imprisonment. India must uphold its dignity to be an incredible as it sounds, otherwise it will remain incorrigible for decades to come.


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