Oct 13, 2013


The West has got its poster girl in Malala Yousafzai, a brave Pakistani girl who stood for her rights to education even after been gunned down by the overzealous Talibans who want to keep her within the confines of her house following the millions in her country. I did not get this impression that in Pakistan girls are not educated. When I was a student there many of my classmates were girls from poor families who were pursuing Masters in various disciplines. So this issue of West championing the educational rights of Pakistani girls is a mere farce. They are working on their nefarious design again. This time they want to use this poor girl for their cheap publicity. Grooming her by showering prizes and recognitions beyond her ability the West is trying to make her the next martyr for their dirty activities. The main reason for the so-called lack of education among the Pakistani girls are the abject poverty their country is facing in the aftermath of the deceptive war on terrorism perpetrated by the war-mongering Americans which has forced many Pakistanis to stay away from education as it strains the meager resources of the family. The West must be sincere in their relations with Pakistan. They must focus on the educational and infrastructural development of the country that was destroyed in the unabated shelling of the country and maiming of innocent Pakistanis. If they don't stop this unjust criminality the West will have more headaches from Pakistan and they may run out of prizes for many more Malala's who may join her with the help of the Talibans.


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